2011 The Year Of Disclousure – UFO Documentary – Part 3 Of 3

2011 The Year Of Disclousure – UFO Documentary – Part 3 Of 3
Full length UFO documentary about UFO disclousure. Will Obama reveal the truth about aliens and UFOs?

13 thoughts on “2011 The Year Of Disclousure – UFO Documentary – Part 3 Of 3

  1. Nope! They (politicians) are to busy silver lining their pockets with honest working people!

  2. We announced our presence when we started testing atom bombs. Thats when the aliens started becoming really interested in humans and what we have become capable of inventing. If I were an alien species, I’d want to keep an eye on humans, too, especially now that the military wants to weaponize space. Well, what do they need to weaponize space for in the first place? The aliens? If the aliens were a threat, I’m sure we’d all be long since vaporized by now. Read “Disclosure” by Steven Greer

  3. lol. some of this stuff is WAAY to farfetched. i honestly believe that we have come in contact with aliens, in some way, shape, or form. do i believe disclosure is coming, someday it will, but i dont think it will be anytime soon. if aliens were that much of a threat in the first place, im asuming i wouldnt even be alive right now…

  4. Actually we’re as barbaric as we’ve ever been if not more, back at the start we couldn’t destroy entire villages with the push of a button. I’m just saying if we’re using humans as an example then chances are they would be hostile because they wouldn’t care about us. If we’re curious about a animal we take it and experiment on it without giving a damn how it feels about it, why would they be any different? It’s nice to think they would be benevolent but the chances of that are pretty slim.

  5. lol that’s not the point, what we do for our own species is not the point, if an advanced race came they would most likely see us in the same way we see animals. If we go into a jungle to study animals do you think we try and communicate with the animals or do we go in and do what we want? Why would they be different? If we want a tree we don’t try and ask the squirrel if it’s okay with it because we view them as lower then us. Nothing wrong with optimism but I go off what I see around me.

  6. P.S. I love debating topics like this, it’s been a while since someone disagreed with me online and didn’t curse me out in the comments, I don’t mean any harm saying these things it’s just my opinion based on what I have seen through my life. I’m really not a pessimist, I hope humanity surprises me but so far we’re falling short.

  7. Okay I guess.  Not nearly enough homework and I think myopic.  But it is an opinion as thin as it is.

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