Escape From Area 51 J-Rod Full Documentary Watch Now! UFO Sightings

Escape From Area 51 J-Rod Full Documentary Watch Now! UFO Sightings
Escape From Area 51 J-Rod Incredible Testimony from Michael Schratt, military aerospace historian,In this Open Minds Production, Michael Schratt provides specifics regarding Dr Dan Burisch’s alleged interaction with an extraterrestrial known as “J-Rod”. Openmindstv click link!

This historically significant account of human/ET contact allegedly took place at the super-secret S4 facility located 12 miles south of Area 51. Also included are details drawings of the flight simulator on level B, along with a very accurate schematic layout of the cafeteria, file department, communications and transportation logistics to the facility.
Footage Provided and Permission Granted to Thirdphaseofmoon from Openmindstv click link!

32 thoughts on “Escape From Area 51 J-Rod Full Documentary Watch Now! UFO Sightings

  1. We need Trump to gather his horses and all the King’s men and go down there to kick some ass and end this debacle.

  2. Why don’t you want shadows when taking tissue of ET’s? ( It’s not a joke. I don’t have a punchline; it’s a genuine question)

  3. You what makes this fake, the constant ads, trying to make money off you and it get’s worse as you get further into it. if They didn’t this I would almost believe IT!.

  4. @15:52 he’s supposedly showing various views of the different hangers. Now does the audience watching know these are simulated pictures and I just missed the moment when he told them or is he really trying to pass these off as real photos. I know they are computer generated because the dirt patterns on the hanger doors are exactly the same in every photo.

  5. Ill be real honest here, this sounds like stuff the people who were burned out on L.S.D in the 60’s would say. Do you people know what you sound like? I mean my god you people who believe these things need professional help because your
    obviously delusional.

  6. I thought that when asked what j-rod was to be called he drew a symbol that resembled the letter J and drew a line resembling a rod. There is a picture of j-rod out there

  7. This film was brought to you by the Branch of United Life and Logistical Science Havens In Technology………Otherwise known as B.U.L.L.S.H.I.T.

  8. He says there is a difference between extra terrestrials and aliens but doesn’t say what that is?!

  9. I was believing this until you said this Dan guy said he had sent that alien through the stargate, as an act of compassion. For that reason i am confident that this entire video was based on lies. The bit before that where he fell and was held by the Alien and future events were sent flooding into him also made me think it was BS but yeah the compassion bit turned the tide. BULL…He must have imagined how good it would look in a movie, sending this alien back through a portal , so it could be with it’s family again, while he, the hero, would be reprimanded by his superiors. And what a great book too it would make, not forgetting the cash it would bring. Which would be the main reason for it all to begin with. But who am i to piss on someone else’s bonfire, a mere mortal without a portal, and a poet to boot.
    New i should have watched ”Escape From Alcatraz” instead. At least we know that was true.

  10. Whatever crap you have to offer up, don’t panic because thirdphaseofmoon will air it.
    You scammed me good this time but ill get my revenge.

  11. I have a serious issue with some of these detailed accounts of the s4 facility and what was going on there. Everyone who wants to do disclosure about this place, speak about one et. J Rod, or Jarod. Yet when the people who went out and did the really big disclosure interviews, Phil Schneider, etc… The people who were literally KILLED for telling what they knew, they made claims that there were far more than just ONE of these greys there. In fact they suggest there was a huge colony of them there, and in the surrounding areas. There are stories that some of them were teaching scientists and engineers in classes, when one guard came in with a side arm accidentally, and instantly the et that were there killed EVERYONE in the facility. And apparently this led to a huge battle between them and our special forces. One has to really think about these details that do not line up. Perhaps these individuals want to get disclosure out, we are not alone, yet they’re just not ready to disclose the depth of the problems we have at hand. The entire field has nothing but mines and gems, you must step on about a thousand mines of worthless waste of thoughts and time, to get one gem, or good nugget of information. frustrating to say the least

  12. Theres a problem with the claim they check your weight to stop you smuggling evidence out. Your weight changes all the time by as much as a few kilos. Everytime you exhale you loose weight and every time you piss or shit. Then you put weight on everytime you eat or drink. So what use would weighing people be. You could easily put a few ounces of evidence up you arse hole and they’d never know.

  13. What a bunch of bullshit! I believe in Aliens, but that story was a complete fabrication of a sad little man trying to feel important. The Alien has a wife and child waiting for him at home… I mean c’mon!! Really!? Then he helped him escape through a stargate… face palm. I’m sorry but this video is an insult to my intelligence.

  14. Dan burisch is a was a parole officer …not smart enough to be a biology

  15. First off. This speaker needs to find a damn Taylor and get that jacket fixed. He looks like a young boy in his dad’s jacket. Second red line blue line? Really? You have your government security clearance and you will be shot if you step a foot to your left? What incredible BS. I’m sure the protical at groom lake is incredibly strict but that’s the most incredible crock of shut I have ever heard.

  16. poorly done, boring, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  17. O have a feeling the aleans that are being in captivity in area 51 one will escape and there going to bring an army and take amerca then from there they will take over the world

  18. This would be a great video if it wasn’t a poor bootlegged copy with 100 commercials.

  19. this is the thing that said we are his ancestors-bullshit. we couldn’t evolve or devolve to that in 10 million yrs! its all crap. Hes fake!

  20. If this story was true the minute dan pushed the jrod through the star gate he would’ve been put down. At the least he would’ve been probed interrogated and tortured for days before disappearing. I don’t doubt dan worked there and saw some shit but his captain save a jrod story I’m just not buying.

  21. I love how this mu’fucka constantly uses the biggest words he can when much simpler words would have probably served him better. Configuration? A 5 syllable word used repeatedly when shape, a one syllable word, would have been perfectly fine. Reeks of Burisch.

  22. DOCTOR Dan Burisch? Lol, this guy AND his wife were both exposed to be hotel-casino security guards. He was a member of Majestic 12/hotel security.

  23. Is that the worst fitting suit in the universe? Looks like the final scenes in the film Big with Tom Hanks.


  25. Fuck the military. Fascist scum. I would love atheists and antinatalist animal rights vegans to kill people, especially christurds and scientologists and muslimes, for eating meat.

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