Newest UFO Disclosure Documentary 2015

Newest UFO Disclosure Documentary 2015
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29 thoughts on “Newest UFO Disclosure Documentary 2015

  1. I am soo tired of all this reposted crap that are 10 to 20 years old and the title sais “2015 documentary” >>>>>>>> THIS IS OLD CRAP WITH POOR QUALITY, DONT WASTE YOUR TIME, U HAVE SEEN IT BEFORE <<<<<<<<<<<

  2. I watched about 30 seconds of this and realised that that was 30 seconds of my life wasted. I’ll never get that back! Thanks a lot.

  3. has nothing with 2015 to do

    and why are the documentarys so long? because they play the same shit all over again like the same messages 5 times in one documentary

  4. Crashes? How many of these highly intelligent technologically advanced aliens crash their ships here? Seems stupid unless we shot them down

  5. Sorry, could not watch this, as it is NOT what is stated in the title!
    Turned off, at 5 mins, once I realised I had seen this 10 years ago!!
    Very poor of you to have 2015 i you title!! It is a lie!

  6. Calling a History channel re-run a ”New Documentary” isn’t exactly an honest or truthful title to this show, now is it? Thumbs down for dishonesty.

  7. they somehow got stanton friedman a little younger/healthier than the last time i’ve seen him

  8. I wish you could black ball certain people from popping up on your you tube searches. So dumb when people re-post oldddddd videos. Nick Thomas I would not and will not watch any videos posted by you. Re-posting old stuff as new is dam dumb.

  9. Same old same old, these shows remind me of carnival barkers… “step this way folks & once you’ve paid your dollar you’ll find out we have nothing new to show you”.

  10. nick thomas is a loser and i would never subscribe to a channel that tries to labal an old doc as new

  11. Personally, I think people who use falsehoods to scam people into clicking on their posts should get two warnings then out on their dishonest bottoms.

  12. Hey! We’ve been putting out a new video every week with our latest video being a cover of “Magnets,” by Disclosure. We’re a new band out of Los Angeles and would love it if you could stop by our channel 🙂 thanks!

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