The Phoenix Lights (2009 VERSION) – The Documentary – FREE MOVIE

The Phoenix Lights (2009 VERSION) – The Documentary – FREE MOVIE

Based on the book “The Phoenix Lights – A Skeptic’s Discovery That We Are Not Alone” by Lynne D. Kitei M.D. After seven years of meticulous research, she is coming forward with stunning data and personal interviews in this documentary, an in depth examination of the strange lights seen over Phoenix and throughout Arizona on March 13th, 1997.

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  1. Ever notice all the Americunts that feel threatened by things different to them? That’s half the problem with them. Anything different means a threat and of course…kill it. Bring on the aliens. What’s the worse that can happen? War, disease, pollution and more…already got that.

  2. Excellent info and Film confirming anomalous visitations. Now it’s time for everyone to wake up to the important reality that we are NOT alone in this vast Universe and for Science to finally treat this Topic with credibility and professionalism.

  3. You dumb fucking clowns, ask your American government where they got the money for the Arizona lights.To fucking funny. The American tax payers paid for the Arizona lights. But your to dumb to figure it out on your own. I feel sorry for you ignorant Americans

  4. I’m an unashamed dispensational bible literalist and understand that according to scripture, there ARE unidentified flying objects, so no point in my denying it. It must be something to actually witness what these 10,000 people said they saw. I say then why worry about something over which man has no control? To me, it’s always comical to listen to people who think they can control such things or who spend a lot of time trying to get something organized as though they could run the show. I believe we all WILL know exactly what all these unexplained sightings were and are in due time. I believe Christ is in charge of whatever’s going on.

    I pulled this up though would not necessarily believe everything this guy does, only that he’s done his own research as a bible believer:

  5. This happened right during the Hale-Bopp comet event. Wasn’t there a cult…I don’t recall what they called themselves…but there was a cult who were, according to their leader, going to catch a ride with some space aliens who were going to be passing by. Now this cult leader had predicted that event for years. Maybe when Hail-Bopp showed up, the leader mistook it for the anticipated aliens? If he would’ve waited, and had his people wait…who knows, maybe they would’ve been scooped up by the Flying V…just a thought.

  6. The government is going to tell 10,000 intelligent people that they didn’t see what they saw! The government truly thinks that the American public is completely stupid! It could be sunny out and they would say it’s raining and think you would believe it!

  7. Imho, I think it’s an unacknowledged black budget craft, probably from our secret space fleet. I just wonder how it ended up flying over Phoenix ?

  8. My all-time favorite UFO documentary on youtube for years, based on real events. Positive message to human kind for world peace and spiritual progress. I always enjoy the alien-themed background music, very other-wordly. What the skeptics say doesn’t matter at this point, because we UFO enthusiasts around the world know it is a triangular-shaped extraterrestrial craft, one of the most famous ones out there which often re-occurs over Arizona in intervals of 1+ years. It’s silent ofcourse, because anti-gravity propulsion is noiseless. Due to is enormous size it can be classified as a mothership. I coined a personal name for it and call it the *Sedonian Cruiser* , refering to Sedona in Arizona which is known for its UFO activity. And cruiser, because it’s one of the slow-moving ones. The craft is either flying into the direction of Sedona or flying in its vicinity.

  9. This Presentation is SO Worth a Comment – Even from “MY” Different Viewpoint – An Excellent Example/Presentation of Assimilateable(?) Information on ANY Subject – Should Be Used as a BluePrint for All Documentary Makers – Especially the Plethora of UtOObe Wanna Be “Story Tellers” – AND YES – I Believe

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