Top 10 Most Mysterious UFO Sightings Ever

Top 10 Most Mysterious UFO Sightings Ever
From a terrorized town in Brazil to a close encounter by schoolchildren in Zimbabwe, thousands of people all over the world have seen things in the sky that nobody can explain. These incidents may make you want to believe that we’re not the only ones in this universe. The truth is out there, and luckily we’ve put it into the form of a YouTube video. Here are the Top 10 Mysterious UFO Sightings that should make you want to grab your tinfoil hat.

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This was our list of Top 10 Most Mysterious UFO Sightings Ever. What did you think? Are we not alone in the universe? Let us know in the comments below.

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29 thoughts on “Top 10 Most Mysterious UFO Sightings Ever

  1. oh my XD you should all really have a look at 200 proofs the earth is flat before you even think of aliens lol, “space” is just a distraction so they can carry on mining past the ice walls of Antarctica that is not a continent, o and for the sheer fun of it just google 10.000 year old buddist map. and look into the U.N logo and really look at it, just saying, every person on this plane is totally entitled to there own opinions but you all deserve to know what’s really happening before it really is to late because i love this world and am ashamed of what it has become, love you all brothers and sisters x

  2. I think I’ve seen a UFO one night I was sitting in the spa isaw a big bright light that was moving in sky

  3. last night night was going for a walk and I got when I saw a dog with creepy eyes it turns out that I was shining the torch at the eye?????

  4. It is not our target
    We need to manufacture the spacecraft like that

  5. We live in Belleville and we seen something round shaped with 7 lights in the sky and beams of light as well

  6. Planes don’t stop in the sky and what we seen did that’s when we seen something open and a beam of light came out then it closed flew away and it looked like it had head lights

  7. REGARDING THE AFRICAN SCHOOL CHLDREN: 1 meter tall and “thoughts came from its eyes”, yep couldn’t describe a grey any better

  8. I am from bangalore, india. Please add the visitation of orange men f rom other planet. ie flying saucers. Village near mysuru. Google it

  9. ugh. the video filters (added noise and tape simulation) is nauseating to watch. migraine inducing.

  10. There definitely are too many planets out there not to have life, elsewhere than Earth ! And if you look hard enough you can find someone who has personally seen a U.F.O (I myself have talked to people, even family who have) But, I agree there is to much false information (videos, pics) out there… They are real, but highly top secret? Are they civilizations that originated here, and have expanded to other planets? Are they just the GOV.? But they never get caught on camera usually (Strange)….PLEASE post any good proof that you may have here… Thank you!

  11. When ever you see three lights in a triangle, they are three Angels as described in Revelation and the Bible. The red light in the center either is or represents a very angry Jesus Christ. The object over Belgium in the 1980s was not a craft, but Jesus Christ himself putting off WW3 which was on the very edge of starting during the Cold War and the near collapse of the Soviet Union under its own weight and the coming Gulf War in 1991. There are two times previous Jesus postponed our self destruction. The first was the 1962 Missile Crisis stopped by the Fatima event in 1914 , the second was the 1980s by Rendlesham Forest, the Belgium Wave, and JAL 1628 over Alaska in 1986. Why you ask?? Because his church was not ready.. His church is “US” not a building, its Me and You, his believers, His people, His church… In all videos where there are balls of light, they are the Angels or the dead raised from the dust.. not alien craft. You have been mislead, you have been lied to, you have been deceived by a huge great deception.

  12. The main reason they don’t confirm existence or extra terrestrial because they don’t want to incite mass panic. That would disrupt order.

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