UFO’s And Prophecies From Outer Space The Billy Meier Story AMAZING UFO CONTACT FREE MOVIE

UFO’s And Prophecies From Outer Space The Billy Meier Story AMAZING UFO CONTACT FREE MOVIE
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7 thoughts on “UFO’s And Prophecies From Outer Space The Billy Meier Story AMAZING UFO CONTACT FREE MOVIE

  1. Meier is a liar, sounds a lot like Joseph smith…. nobody saw the scrolls…nobody translated it from Aramaic to german…

  2. I actually believed this at first and then I found out that he faked everything. He used models and miniature trees for his vids and took pics of pics to claim they were taken from an alien spacecraft.

  3. Billy Liar was exposed years ago.
    He is a shameless liar who took photographs out of science books and magazines and passed them of as his great spacetrip. Pathetic.

  4. Ask any Meiertard why Meier the liar never fired the ridiculous toy gun, why the pathetic WCUFO always hugs trees or why it is made with a Harcostar drum lid, why Meier NEVER filmed a craft landing/taking off, him posing next to one or walking in and out of one. Meiertards lame excuse: “He was not allowed direct evidence by the Plejaaahren” Really? So why even bother with ANY photographic evidence at all because “extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.”

    Occams Razor applied by intelligent people with critical thinking skills: Meier only had small models to perpetuate his hoax with.

  5. Billy is the real deal . The only contactee with mountains of evidence. No other contactee has presented 1,500 photos pre computers, videos, metal samples, sound recordings, hand prints, landing tracks, over 100 witnesses to the ships, over 200 predictions that ALL happened as billy foretold. No other case has 1/4th the evidence that Billy has.

  6. Aliens come for billions of miles to make contact with humans and who do they contact to get their message to humanity? Billy Meier, and disabled old fart who lives in the woods and was locked away in an institution for over 2 years and hung out with Saddam Hussein. What a great way to introduce themselves the world. What a load of shit. Anyone who sees those hilarious looking “UFOs” he photographed and thinks they are actually spacecraft from another planet is just as looney a Meier is. The bottom of one of those “UFOs” is made from a trash can lid. LMAO

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