Worlds Best UFOs Of 2014 Full Length Documentary!! Free Watch Now!

Worlds Best UFOs Of 2014 Full Length Documentary!! Free Watch Now!
The Worlds Best UFOs Of 2014 Full Length Documentary!! Free Watch Now! Thirdphaseofmoon Presents The Greatest UFO Footage For the Months of January and February 2014! Part Two coming soon!

unidentified flying object
by Gary Ablett

UFO Clear in Coacalco mexico – OVNI EN COACALCO MEXICO 30/12/2013

Paul Blue Green UFO Check Out Original Link

(raw 1080p HD) VID_20120526_221718 multiple objects


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Krasen Hristov Reports and Incredible Sighting of what looks to be a Massive Triangular shaped UFO To Thirdphaseofmoon! Raw Footage Click Link

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23 thoughts on “Worlds Best UFOs Of 2014 Full Length Documentary!! Free Watch Now!

  1. Another interesting video from thirdphase… I’ve seen what the chap from Australia saw. I saw it twice, over a few days, in June this year, 2015, and it was traveling from S to N, about 1am. It was a dim light,  way up high, and about every 3 seconds it would transform into a brilliant light, then fade away, to a dim speck, for another 3 seconds, before emitting another brilliant light. It did this for 4 times, then faded so much, that I could no longer see it. I could not see any shape to it, just a dim/brilliant light. What it was, I do not know. I’ve since bought myself a Laser Pointer, and intend to ZAP it the next time I see it.  :o) I live in Poole, Dorset, England.

  2. I’m a believer, but that blurred black boomerang, at the end of the video, looks like a Para-glider, to me. possible one of the types that has a small motor and propeller.
    Because if you look closely, you can see ‘something’ hanging down in the middle.
    That would be the pilot, sitting in his seat. That’s my explanation for it.  :o)

  3. Good job Dylan and third phase, I was listening and Dylan has a channel and films for Ufo , a little tip Dylan next time you film something please keep it professional and try not to talk so much or so loud and avoid profanity, it’s nothing personal its just we may miss something, a sound clip, anything, etc..we want to be taken seriously so when certain ppl hear you speak like that on camera we all take a little fall for it, I know it’s hard to keep it together when you see a ufo but its a tip, I’m saying this because I appreciate that u have a channel and you film for ufos so I’m trying to help out..keep your eyes on the skies like Blake says, the truth is coming keep doing your part il do mine, Blake will do his, everyone plays a vital role in this field, I believe your video was real I have a good feeling about you over there in Western Australia , on the other side of the world

  4. I keep getting this strange object by the moon can anyone tell me what it is

  5. At 49:59 you can see what looks like what We call an angel….flying right to this Divine Light….. It is only in one frame this being must have been very close to the road aa it was recorded…I believe this was meant for the world to see….

  6. i’m sorry to say it but one of them shots of what you say is a UFO is actually a shuttle mission heading into space.

  7. I have footage on my channel that their using projections into surveillance cams and other cams I have they broke into my house with their invisibility to plant a projection system in my room that you can’t see to the naked eye. important watch my video .

  8. that is why we everybody keeps getting the Aliens in their pics when the alien isn’t viewable at the time of takin the pics

  9. even now that it’s Sept 26 2015 long after we are supposed to be dead come on 3% post a new video

  10. Hi guys,I’m a huge fan,can I send you some original compositions of EDM music for you to use if you choose to so,plus I will share some of my encounters here in Australia,regards Glenn

  11. Damn you love that red Jeep huh?! With umm UFO 1 license plate! HAHAHAHA ????????????????

  12. most of the stuff I’m seeing being done is harp and cem trails is all part of new the new world order they are controlling weather and the see they are testing sound waves ultrasonic that is beaching wails sharks dolphins they are nearly there all they need is the control of the oil and there done they already control the banks and all big businesses the illuminati is the head of the new world order 5 family’s the routhchilds , Rockefellers, and a few anthers look into the harp and cem  trails it is a way of depopulating the earth. mark uk

  13. Man you guys are so full of shit. The answar video where you say you’re on location is a crock. You’re obviously in Hawaii. I love how you blur out the car tags.

  14. Look up in Google search engines look up in youtube flying triangles look up USAF top secret space craft look up usaf top secret flying triangles Look up flying teslas antigravity space craft look up pulsewave engines space craft look up NASA DARPA. Spacenship rocket look up microwave engine space craft look up ion warp drive engine space craft look up the war illusionist look up big brother big busnes thetes 10 chapters on it look up spy drones and spy star alights web video cameras earth video camers look up speed checked by aircraft ps was speeded checked by radar

  15. Your monetized and have no real mastery of the language and do no real research of your own hiding behind the phrase”we pose this to you as the viewer to decide” please go away, you and your brother are idiots buying crap without any real understanding of the total lie you are being sold. Look past the what your missing why do they want you to believe these “amazing” videos. Your eyes and your logic are so not being used.

  16. 2nd UFOs looks like a jump drive from USA .we launch from Australia’s all the time !

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