ALIEN GODS | Ancient Aliens UFO Documentary 2017 – HD Edition

ALIEN GODS | Ancient Aliens UFO Documentary 2017 – HD Edition
Please watch: “☑️ The Best UFO Sightings of 2017 – HD (720p)”
ALIEN GODS | Ancient Aliens UFO Documentary 2017 HD Edit of the documentary Alien Gods by Will Raee. You can find Will’s channel here:

Did aliens create humans? Was Jesus actually an alien being? Alien Gods is a documentary that explores the ever popular UFO issue, but with a twist that has rarely been dealt with before. Alien Gods starts with the Ancient Astronaut hypothesis and then goes around the world interviewing groups that believe our creators were alien being. Director: Will Raee

a documentary containing vital bits of information and UFO evidence making a very clear, compelling case that UFOs are real. And its time to WAKE UP to this reality. This is not even disputed by leading officials in the matter.

The real question is what are the motives behind such mass coverage? Subscribe for part 2.


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32 thoughts on “ALIEN GODS | Ancient Aliens UFO Documentary 2017 – HD Edition

  1. Was religion the foundation for human consciousness and morals. Or Did our already built in morals create religion as a “how to” book. What is it that makes us all share common values of right and wrong? Hard Wired from natural compassion and experience. Or stories or such acts.

  2. what a complete joke. All these beliefs and religions and all of them think they are the only one. lllllllllllllllll

  3. the only problem for the railian group, “IM” in hebrew is a plural of respect, not plural of Gods. Ellohim does not mean plural of persons or plural of gods. Stupid blapehemers

  4. Sadly, most people cant grasp the fact that the Earth exists in outer space, and as the 3rd planet from a hydrogen star, is habitated by 6 billion humans.It didnt just begin on this dot in space.

  5. Aliens take humans to study our Willy’s cos they have small penis and can’t satisfy their women. ?

  6. wait, did that guy say “& we wonder why earthquakes happen, dont we?”?!?! no. we dont. we know exactly why earthquakes happen. & its not because we detonate nuclear devices beneath, on, or above the surface of our planet. very minor, very localized, seismic activity can be detected during underground detonations, but hardly earthquake inducing. typically, earthquakes release much more energy than the average earthquake. what evidence do we have to disprove the ridiculous assumption made by that guy in the vid? *whispers* there were earthquakes, lots & lots & lots & lots of earthquakes, for billions of years, *BEFORE* humans discovered atomic or nuclear energy. shhhhhhh, dont tell anybody…. pffffffffffffffft wow

  7. Gandhi. Seriously. U need to learn something he was a human krishna is considered as a god

  8. ®Romanian. O minciună de constrăngere financiară și religia si făcăturile holywoodiene……..!! Sci-fi!?

  9. Fallen luciferains did it. Dimensions exits outside the reality of the universe. Dimensions existed even before the big bang.

  10. It’s hard to imagine anything being more rediculous than this load of horse shit….it’s scary to think that these people really exist.
    Holy fuck!

  11. I don’t want to hear about Religion or Cults….. Just the hard facts and how they piece together…. Thanks.

  12. I don’t know. I think you are all eager to accept bad evidence, because you’re either scared of death, excited by mysteries or afraid of being alone in the universe.

  13. this is not from 2017 , its from 2011 i believe .. they havent shown any new episodes in quite a while

  14. Comparing the mass murdering baby raping tyrant Muhammad to Jesus ?wtf
    What scares me the most is people believe this crap

  15. Does the guy versed in that book not know white skin is only 10,000 years old?? And that’s me being generous…. fact.

  16. Religion is a tool to control us. It is created by them the “gods” to divide and conquer us. There was no evolution what so ever it is just a bullshit which they try to hammer into us through “eductaion”. Every single living being is carefully engineered on this planet including us. Life doesn’t occur by chance. We have been upgraded from apes but with outside intervention. If evolution would exist we would not have any apes left today as all of them would be humans already. Also the bodies of crocodiles and sharks have not shown any sign of development. They are the same as they were millions of years ago even though they are far from perfect. Why they were unaffected by evolution? Because there is no such thing. This evolution thing was created for ordinary people to not to question our origins same as the creation story from the Bible and other “holy” writings. Unfortunately most of the people satisfied by these hoaxes. Pyramids which we can’t even build today were built by people thousands of years ago who did not know the wheel?! They used copper tools to work cobalt and granite?! The mayans how the FUCK did they found pluto which was only discovered in the 1930’s?! Moon landing, well it is looking fake. Wind on the moon and multiple light sources like on a football pitch?! What do you think why we have developing so fast especially in the last 100-200 years? It is happening because of us. No, actually today’s people are much more stupid than the people from thousands of years ago. If one day there would be no more electricity and/or oil the majority of the human race would die out. Especially in the developed or developing countries the population would be decimated. We don’t even know how to survive without these things. How do we dare to say that we know what happened let’s say ten thousand years ago?! Oh yh just check the carbon in things and you will know. This is bullshit the ruins of hiroshima have been checked also by this method. It turned out that those ruins are thousands of years old. How?! We are all being thought bullshit through our whole life…

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