Alien In Space – UFO Documentary – National Geographic

Alien In Space – UFO Documentary – National Geographic
Watch a fascinating new interview on UFOs and the Alien Contact:

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16 thoughts on “Alien In Space – UFO Documentary – National Geographic

  1. Isn’t it theoretically possible that we originated on other planets, made them unlivable as we are doing with earth and then moved from planet to planet destroying each one as we moved and finally ended up on earth? Ultimately destroying our current home.! Planets we are now visiting and observing may have once been places where we had already been in residence.

  2. life probably is abundant, but intelligent life,who can spell may not be,well not on my estate,I dont really live on an estate i live in an abandoned observatory, but it didnt have the same kind of hook/impact/conatations. u know what i meant
    never STOP loving my brothers and sisters xxxxxxxxxxxxxxbobxxxxxxxxx

  3. “intelligent life ” should have turned the background noise way down…how to ruin a good presentation>

  4. Nothing new…same old facts and theories repeated multiple times in different ways..Boring

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