How To Boost Computer Performance

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Typically, our computers will slow down sometimes, and everyone faces that problem. With changes in algorithms and demands of the software, your PC might react in a manner that may hamper its performance. 

Your computer’s performance speed also depends on whether it’s upgraded to the latest version of Windows or not. Therefore, before you reach out to your dedicated IT Services providers, here are a few tips and tricks we have for you! 

Tips To Boost Your Computer’s Performance Cost-Effectively!

Here are some ways how you can make minor adjustments and improve the speed of your computer-

1. Uninstall all the unnecessary software- Our computers have preloaded software that most of us don’t need, and it takes up a considerable amount of space. 

  • Visit the “all apps” menu by clicking the start button.
  • It consists of all the applications that are loaded on your computer
  • Go through them and remove those which don’t need them by uninstalling them.

2. Disable the startup apps– Some applications might start automatically and keep running in the background, reducing performance. You can disable them by

Opening Settings, Clicking on Apps Then, on “Startup.” Turn off all the unnecessary ones, especially those marked as ‘high impact.’ click the “Sort by” menu and select the “startup impact” option.

3. Add more RAM to your computer – This is a tested method and is effective. It is easier to add more RAM to desktop computers than convertible and detachable laptops, which might be tricky. You can visit any shop providing computer services in west palm beach to get additional RAM attached and enhance your computer speed.

4. Consider installing an SSD– It would take up some of the pressure off the processor when the computer boots up. It also provides an extra push and a boost to accomplish multiple tasks during startup.

5. Scan for viruses and spyware – Often, it slows down when your computer picks up a virus. One can use windows defender software to detect any malware in the system. Also, you can visit any IT service provider to install third-party antivirus software. 

6. Clear your browser history – Clearing your data history will help your browser launch faster and perform better. 

  • Visit the “History” option from the menu and then click on it
  • Then, click on “Clear Browsing Data.” You can also select the items you want to delete and clear them. 

7. Clean up the hard drive space – Whether it’s an HDD or SSD, you should never use a device with the hard drive to its total capacity because it affects the performance. It’s more evident when up to 70 percent of the storage has been used. 

8. Update applications – Outdated apps tend to slow down your computer because of the bugs and compatibility issues of Windows 10. Check the Microsoft store for any recent updates and download them if available. Further, you can also visit your IT services expert to know more! 

9. Shift to high-performance power plan– Windows 10 has multiple Balanced, Power Saver, and High-performance plans. Using the high-performance mode will boost up your computer, and it will operate much faster.  

Now You Know!

Now that you know about the multiple ways to boost your computer performance without burning a hole in your pocket, we hope that you’ll be able to do it seamlessly. However, in case you’re confused, reach out to experts at computer services West Palm Beach.