The Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) Communications Group is looking for several volunteers in two different overlapping roles – see job descriptions below.

Director of Communications Roger Marsh is generating regional press releases for the recently-released book – UFO Cases of Interest – that include cases specific to one area/region in the U.S. In addition, the email package will include a PDF of part of the book – front and back covers, table of contents, preface, introduction, and sample pages from each section.

We will be working as a team to complete regional marketing – reaching out to print, radio, television and web media in defined areas and emailing out these packets. Each packet will be tailored to their region.

Media Contact Editor – Would follow Roger’s regional market list (35 to 50) and generate an email list of the best print, radio, television and web media contacts. Each contact would include a Media Outlet Name, Media person name, Mailing address, email address, and a telephone number. Roger will create the individual packages going out – and this editor will create the email contact list. Hoping to do about three markets weekly. 

Media Follow-Up Editor – Would watch Roger’s emailed market list – and follow up within 7 days with each person to ask if they received it; and if they require additional information or personal interviews with (a) Executive Director Jan Harzan; (b) Director of Investigations Chase Kloetzke; or (c) State Director from their market area who can comment directly on the cases outlined.

All three team members would use a Google Shared Document – an Excel Sheet – that outlines the markets – allowing for the Follow-Up Editor to list follow-up comments; and providing links to where media published. 

This is an important media project for MUFON in 2018 that acts as a vital fundraiser. We can assign more than one person to the above job descriptions – where we assign you a specific marketing region. We are also looking for a national media contact list as well – as we have some interesting insight from the book that is not region-specific. This is an exciting opportunity to make a difference in MUFON. 

Please get in touch directly with Roger Marsh at Must be a member of MUFON to participate. 

Past featured news generated from UFO Cases of Interest include:

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