MUFON lists top 13 cases from 2017

The Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) released their Top 13 UFO reports from 2017 at their recent annual Symposium in July. The PDF of this publication can be downloaded here – or purchased in print form for $10.

MUFON also released its first edition of UFO Cases of Interest – which offers overviews on 241 reports from 2017 that are worthy of further study. The book also includes a 2017 statistics section – and a four-part index: Location, Object, Site and Witness.

Readers can search for their hometown, county, state or country – as well as hundreds of other ways. You may want to look at the Witness Index to see only pilots who reported, or police officers or someone from the military. Discover the best time to see a UFO. See which states are getting the best sightings. Read only about witnesses who were chased by UFOs. Or cases where the object was under 500 feet. 

If you wish to purchase the Top 13 UFO Reports in print copy for $10, please email to place your order. 

​UFO Cases of Interest can be purchased at