Scary UFO And Alien Documentary

Scary UFO And Alien Documentary
Extraordinary UFO sightings and encounters.

13 thoughts on “Scary UFO And Alien Documentary

  1. When I watch these alien UFO documentaries as soon as they start talking about the environment and the worlds coming to the end and nuclear war I know that I’m dealing with liberals. These idiots never had a close encounter because there’s no such thing .What they experienced if anything was a intense dream that they interpreted as real or they had a sleep paralysis episode like I do a couple times a year and it scares the hell out of me , but at least I’m intelligent enough to know what I am going through and it’s not aliens coming in my room and sticking something up my butt and not in a good way.
    -Bubba J.

  2. the disclosure is not a good idea just look at the distress of that blonde women she is terrified just speaking about it millions will die of fright when this happens to them n the beings aren’t all the typical gray some are your worst nightmares nightmare the chaos will be worse than any war SO PLEASE DR GREER STOP THIS DISCLOSURE PROJECT NOW. PLEASE THINK OF THE CHILDREN.

  3. god said people will die of fear when he appears the Sumerian gods are who’s going to appear watch the forth kind.

  4. Break out some ET pussy, i’m ready to make some “hybrids” without the tools or plungers.

  5. Here’s a concept, what if they are inter-dimensional beings from the future traveling back in time, but are not allowed or cannot communicate because of some prime directive not to interact with the past or its people so as to not disrupt the timeline.

  6. I had an abduction experience back in early 80’s on Princes Motorway Wollongong when I was driving on this road around 11pm and lost few hours before I got home, I also do have mark on my body.
    Firstly I didn’t know what UFO is, or What it’s all about, until I start reading and learning about it. My abduction started around when I was 7 years old. around 1968. Ankara Turkey. I dream a lot, I see past and future. I have this wonderful gift, I read and heal others today. tip>> ( from now till 2020 We could see world war 3 )

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