UFO Documentary Mind Blowing Alien Contactee Encounters

UFO Documentary Mind Blowing Alien Contactee Encounters
The UFO contactees are men and women who are convinced that they encountered alien “space intelligences” and that they remain in direct communication with them through telepathic thought transference. In many cases, UFO researchers have observed that there does seem to be a heightening of what one would normally consider manifestations of extrasensory perception after the contact experience with an alleged benevolent space being. Along with psychic abilities, the contactee is often left with a timetable of certain predictions of future events.

In spite of such setbacks as unfulfilled prophecies, a good many of the contactees continue to be instilled with an almost religious fervor to spread the message that has been given to them by the space beings. A distillation of such messages would reveal concepts such as the following: Humankind is not alone in the solar system.

9 thoughts on “UFO Documentary Mind Blowing Alien Contactee Encounters

  1. Its rare to find a good alien film such as this. Most are laced with propaganda. Thank You.

  2. I’m about 15 minutes in at the moment and so far very interesting.
    At approximately 24 minutes, what he is saying is very accurate.
    Informative and worth watching, also good presentation by the way.

  3. This guy is calling these beings creature as in animals, with their advanced technology they are creatures, this shows me that no matter what if you’re not white then you are a creature, not a being human or otherwise, instead you are a creature, So I’m compalled to take what he has to say as being truth mixed with lies, that’s what the jinn do…

  4. In my experience, nothing reveals the intentions and activities of the extraterrestrial presence as cogently as the Allies of Humanity Briefings. If this is a subject you must know more about, look these books up online, they are freely available.

  5. The earth planet is uniquely, treat it as such, if we kill the earth, you can’t move to the moon!

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