UFO Sightings TOP UFOs Of April 2014 Free Full Length Documentary Watch Now!

UFO Sightings TOP UFOs Of April 2014 Free Full Length Documentary Watch Now!
UFO Sightings TOP UFOs Of April 2014 And We Just Got Started! Watch Now! Incredible Videos from around the WORLD Submitted To Thirdphaseofmoon For the 1st 10 Days Of April! Subscribe Now and Decide…

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Massive UFO Over Texas Original Link From Jason

TR3B Over Michigan Original Link From Amanda

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23 thoughts on “UFO Sightings TOP UFOs Of April 2014 Free Full Length Documentary Watch Now!

  1. I would say ‘meteor’ except for that it changes direction so sharply.  Then again, I don’t know the physics that might cause it to do this. But if there was some kind of abrasion with the atmosphere that caused it to sharply turn like it did, then wouldn’t we see it burst into a fireball of some sort?

    Eyewitnesses from Kecksburg PA saw sharp turns too with the object that fell there but it was reportedly a fireball.  So… I guess I’m saying that I’m not knowledgeable enough to know exactly what I’m seeing.  But due to the linear movement of the light, I highly doubt it was insects.

  2. It`s hard to believe such “top-of-the-line“ equipment can take such “low-end“ footage. Nice joke!

  3. Our Shamans are connected to these people … we call them our ancestors .. friends .. companions .. they have always been in  this Earth as they live inside the Earth .. We call them “Ingnirhuit atlît” .. as they can live with fire without be burned  ..

    And the other friends with very large “transporter” which is larger than this size of Earth or Jupiter can go to the center of the sun to live there or to “recharge” … 

    As we are not connected to the natural way of life anymore but stock in human made values and twisted mind (or manipulated and contaminated mind) we live in fear and horror of anything which is no longer natural to us. We are even afraid of our own people or people with other language and belief and culture. It tells very much about how we’d become as human race. And we don’t communicate anymore only dictating others what to believe and how to live in the name of …. 

    With this conviction we wage wars and destructions as we don’t understand God and Jesus anymore but make God and Jesus to be sekts in need of power as we are power hungry beings. We lost life and nature as we are not connected to us anymore … We are the strangers inside us that no longer understand but shielded of fear and destruction.

  4. this film only confirms the Vedic scriptures say that there are beings beyond our atmosphere

  5. most shapeshifting UFO’s are demons/fallen angles and they like to be seen in a variety of shapes.

  6. NO UFOS. THESE PARTICLES FLIYING ARE CHEMTRAIL NANOTECH-POLYMERES AND POISONED DUST. Except the two lights fliying high in the sky, wich could be satellital infrared LASER beams, Blue-Beam proyect tests, HAARP effects etc.

  7. Love it. But stop interviewing “members of the public” about aliens. Of course they will say they believe, just to be on telly. This alien propaganda is exactly what Steven Greer says is correct. in we’re being brainwashed to go to war with these ET’s to keep the US industrial military complex in business.

  8. voss is demonic pedophile just like all Satanist and voss should be tried as the criminal he is or caught and experimented on like he did to that guy lets take some of there dna and cross them with worms since that’s what they are

  9. answer to Minute 36 > The presidents know it well, they are controlled by the evil GF, as the survivor of Roswell 1947 warned us: The nordic looking (hybrids) allianced with the reptos are dangerous.

  10. the bad guys? you know the thieves are being watched by the army about which Jesus spoke, lick your finger and hold it up in the air, to satisfy the sheeple. They are not here to invade us they are here to protect this beautiful ball traveling at sixty -thousand miles per hour through space while spinning at twenty-two thousand miles an hour around and around. The next and final false flag an invasion, what a joke Billary, oh I made a mistake Barry Saetoro

  11. this fella will put anything up on th site .. a complete waste of time watching  any of this .. third phase . a bag of bull sh.t

  12. Another epic piece of footage from Turd Face of gloom! It’s the last time I watch there shite.

  13. I keep seeing every night in the sky always see them close and far away like a star but moving really fast aint space rock what iz it ??????????????

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