Space X Launch Over Arizona

The Space X Launch Seen In Phoenix

space x launch seen in phoenixWhat looked like a UFO over Phoenix AZ, turns out to be a Space X satellite launch according to “the experts”. I live here in Arizona and gotta say that it was a fascinating display of power shooting into the atmosphere. For a brief moment I thought there was a chance we were about to be at war with something human….. Or not human. The lighting was insane and it was such a massive display in the sky that I was expecting something negative to come of it. As it turns out, o’l Elon Musk was playing around with a few million dollars worth of toys and it invaded the Arizona skyline.

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Word around town is that the rockets used in the launch were built here in Gilbert Arizona. The launch apparently took place in California according to social media buzz and people in the know.

I was driving westbound and was stopped at a light on the corner of Guadalupe and Rural road when I witnessed the great gig in the sky. It looked from my angle that the object was launched over South Mountain. What was weird is that it looked as if there were multiple trajectories in the air interacting with each other. I captured some cell phone footage of it but because the windshield of my car was dirty you can barely make out the objects. I will post the video here later for you guys to see.


The other thing that was weird about it was the air around the objects, it looked like a jet stream multiplied by a thousand. For a brief moment I thought about the possibility that the government was spraying some nasty chemical into the sky over Phoenix. While I can’t dismiss the possibility of the projectile releasing chemicals in the air, I do not believe they were pesticide being sprayed over Phoenix. I contacted Green Home Pest Control and asked about the possibility of a mass Ariel pesticide spraying over Phoenix in an attempt to rid South Mountain of mosquitos and insects and they didn’t comment. I think they might have thought it was a prank call.

rocket in the skyspace rocket launching in sky

The rocket was launched on Friday and most of Arizona witnessed the object in the sky. Apparently, the launch’s weather conditions at Vandenberg Air Force Base in California was so perfect that it created this amazing show of spectacular lights-in-the-sky with intense visuals that were witnessed by residents across Arizona and Southern California. The news and media quickly followed up with their own versions of what this was and for the moment I just have to assume that they are being truthful. They could have said that it was a military experiment and honestly… I would believe it as I don’t have any other clear explanation of what it was.

Social media even erupted briefly with talk about UFOS and Aliens, while this was my initial thought it seems that the buzz has died down a bit.

Sometimes it can be something as simple as the sun’s position in the sky that can contribute to the fascinating reaction seen in the night sky. Even though the rocket launched after the sun had set in California, it projected to a point in the atmosphere where the sun had not set in Arizona and therefore local residence witnessed this fascinating display of power and timing.