World’s 10 Most Baffling UFO Sightings

World’s 10 Most Baffling UFO Sightings
Ten UFO sightings that will leave your jaw dropping…

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Note: 27 km is equal to 17 mi, not the other way around.

Images courtesy of Linda Tanner, Corbis, Murat Yalcin, Center for UFO Studies, Belgian Air Force, US Defense, Robb Chute.

Music credits :
1st: “Crystal Warrior”, by Jad Sound
2nd: “Taken on a Hallows Eve”, by Dhruvaaliman

28 thoughts on “World’s 10 Most Baffling UFO Sightings

  1. Aliens are awesome I bet they stare at lady taking a shower with their gadgets nice only the sexy ones

  2. I believe they are gonna help us realize our mind’s potential and lead us from dark age to golden age once again.

  3. Wow man, these are real horror movies/ I am confused if aliens are real or not.

  4. We eat many lifeforms to survive. We are too fearsome and warlike for these aliens. They will rather leave us alone. If indeed there are aliens similar to us, we would be like the natives in south americans and them the Spanish. Contact will then be made.

  5. This is real I captured a alien that landed in my yard in a ufo no kidding we took it to the fbi

  6. Wouldn’t you want to keep an eye on the hill-billy kids that got left out on the front porch next door with matches and fireworks?

  7. force can only act on an object with mass. since light has no mass,force mustn’t act on it.but how is light pulled in by the blackhole due to its gravity????

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  9. You know if we make contact they would likely be offended by how we depict them in books movies and tv shows

  10. Number 1 is the bridge of a ship sailing up the Bosporus filmed at an oblique angle and the daylight sightings are obviously cars and lampposts filmed early morning I would have thought most would know this

  11. if that incident that happened in belgium is real, bro, that is insane. From 149mph to 1100mph in one second! If a human accelerates at that speed he would instantly lose consciousness and might even die.
    So if its some Top Secret project some government is working on then they might have discovered how to reduce G force.
    Or it might be an alien civilization that doesn’t get affected by G force or maybe they discovered how to reduce G force.
    Mind blowing stuff to be honest

  12. 7:05 I’ve never heard of helicopters that can accelerate from 240 km/h to over 1770 km/h in just a few seconds.

  13. I don’t do to many comments because “I speak my mind with my fingers and a keyboard” so here goes. I’m from Huntsville Alabama (Marshall Space Flight Center area) I have seen a few of these clips before >> but most are new to me. The way you put this together is “”” AWESOME””  I have a 55 inch HD and a killer sound system with my closest neighbors  1/2 mile away, so I turn it up. It “flows very well” music and videos work great together >>>>>————-> Most important is I feel like I learned something new<————————–<<<<  In my area we see flying crap all the time (Redstone Arsenal)   Thanks""""""""

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