THE FOOTAGE Part 1 Of 17 (NASA And UFOs Documentary) (HD1080p) Opening

THE FOOTAGE Part 1 Of 17 (NASA And UFOs Documentary) (HD1080p) Opening
Part 1 of my documentary. The opening. TROLL2ROCKS

These are rough drafts of what will be a much greater experience in time to come. They are not narrated and are to be considered a work in progress.

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Hope you enjoy Troll2rocks. and please do not steal this video and reupload, On and off this documentary (as a whole vol 1 – 2) have taken over 3 years. Numerious technical problems and setbacks. An entire half of the first volume was destroyed and never to be revovered, hence the long wait for a reworking. I lost exclusive footage sent to me from people involved with NASA and are no longer able to get in touch with these individuals. However not everything was lost. If I were the powers that be, I would be very nervous about Vol2.

I will be uploading versions of this everywhere. In HD where available.

when the full running time versions are available I will link to them via these description boxes.

So again I would kindly ask please dont take and reupload on youtube. A lot of work and research has gone into these volumes and continues to do so.

Thank you for reading, and I hope you enjoy. Vol 1, Is a slight taste of what is to come.

UPDATE 4, The Footage will be online tomorrow, THIS VERSION OF PART ONE IS TEMP ONLY. and has been “slightly” tweaked with fx work. so I will be re-uploading this again. I will also be uploading it everywhere in HD 1080p where I can (in full) I will also make available a google video version (however quality will suffer there. This is 100% designed to be watched in HD. I will make links available when they are up over the coming weeks in these description boxes. Nearly there =)

UPDATE 3, Sorry for delay, finnishing up final alterations to the rough first version of The Footage. (PLEASE be aware that it is NOT FINAL, certain parts are to be removed in The final version and are there as temp markers only. The places where aleterations are to be made will be noted in the description box. Vol 1 is only half the story I will bring it all together in Vol 2, (but that is a long time away yet) What Vol 1 will do is tell a wide variety of the best cases from the best sources. (and best footage, of course) THIS IS A SERIOUS SUBJECT AND MUST BE TREATED SERIOUSLY. (and truly is by the powers that be) It should not be used as the final funny segment at the end of the news. If the wide variety of people knew just how many people from all official backgrounds took this seriously. They would not be laughing. Alien or Terestrial it matters not one bit, (for now) lets just agree people do have and are seeing things. which under close scientific scrutiny, can not, and has not been explained. FORGET ROSWELL, There is far better. which you will 100% find out in Vol 1 – 2 of The Footage.

Not long. add me as friend subscribe, and as soon as it is uploaded it will be sent to you by the powers of YouTube.

Thanks and get ready, Troll2rocks

UPDATE 2, The Footage will be nearly 3 hours in length.
(it will NOT be narrated) (at least just yet)

The first version available on here is still considered a WIP (work in progress)

I have to say sitting back and viewing it as a whole, i am very proud of it.


UPDATED, Due to technical difficulties, it has been delayed untill early 2010, Make no mistake this will be the best of its kind. I hope you find the wait worth it, (i think you will) over an hour and a half at 85%, final running time to be determined, but will likely be over 2 hours.

First part of the feature lenth documentery made by yours truly.

This documentary may make a differnce! Watch this space.

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List of segments included and being wrapped up are…

The Curious case of Apollo 11.

Strange Sky. parts 1, 2 3 and 4.

Unkown in orbit parts 1 2 3 and 4

The Vandenberg Missile crisis

The Holloman AFB scenario. parts 1 – 2

Cigars are bad for you

The Sixth man speaks out


16 thoughts on “THE FOOTAGE Part 1 Of 17 (NASA And UFOs Documentary) (HD1080p) Opening

  1. your missing out buddy, and that is exactly what people do during documentaries, they take footage captured of the subject they are discussing and present it along with evidence and witnesses.

  2. FULL OF FCKN SHIIIIT!!!!!! He used EVERY EXCUSE he could think of to avoid showing evidence… java app…. then didn’t think to press the print screen button…. FULL OF FCKN SHIIT.

  3. fuck you and your copyright, you dont want anyone else to use your compulation of STOLLEN copyrighted material……fucking hipocrit not even going to watch it now………….

  4. I don’t believe a fucking word you say. Its odd that anyone actually believes your shit, some people think OJ didn’t do it also so I guess its not that odd, at any rate you should be ashamed of yourself.

  5. How can you ask people not to steal or reload these anywhere else when they obviously belong to secureteam10’s page, or am i miising something.??? and all these clips ive seen in the first one youve taken from other clips that dont belong to you anyway.

  6. Like the vdos. The music was kool. I am a recording/live sound engineer and wanted to tell you how to get rid of the problem for those who are not equipped for 5 or 7.1 surround… Run a slight compression on the music part of your soundtrack and key it by the interview parts. This will cause the music track to ‘bow down’ to the vocal track in order to keep the music from overriding the vox track in the overall mix. It sounded good on my laptop for the most part, but I recognized the problem over the course of about 4 vdos. This technique is used on almost all professional recordings to accomplish the same purpose as you are trying to if you are using it. Just thought I’d help. Keep up the good work. I’m glad to see that others are doing the same things I have been doing for years now, feeling like no-one else cared enough to speak out about these things, though the powers-that-be ridicule and threaten us for doing so.  Rock On Troll  !!!

  7. By the way, to all you self-sufficient pricks who keep spouting out obscenities and complaining at the movie-maker because you don’t have the equipment to keep up with his work… get a life! Get off your rear-ends playing on your i-Phones, and get a job so you can afford a nice plug in stereo with sub, so you’ll be able to informatively critique the movie. And for those of you who are paid by our shadow-gov’t or are just pretending to be secret agents to debunk anything that would take their power from them, it is obvious that you can’t see past your own test tube, and will deny anything your splintered minds can’t readily assimilate using the mainstream network news & programming, alongside Hollywood’s poison, as your ‘bible’. So you, I pity the most… you have been bamboozaled from birth by your controllers. It would be in your best interest to wake up soon to what is going on around you daily in the real world, that most others are now recognizing as fact. Please stop deluding yourselves… otherwise you won’t stand a chance, in the very near future.

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