(HD) Brilliant UFO Documentary | The Day Before Disclosure 2010

(HD) Brilliant UFO Documentary | The Day Before Disclosure 2010
A documentary about the UFO/Extra Terrestrial presence on earth. Evidence gathered the last 60 years, from all over the globe, and in numbers by hundred thousands, point to the undeniable fact that we are not alone and never have been alone.

The Extra Terrestrial presence in our world is no longer a question of IF, but rather a question of WHO, WHY and FROM WHERE. Air pilots, astronauts, radar personnel, flight controllers, military officials, security personnel and thousands upon thousands of eyewitnesses confirm that the ET and UFO phenomena are real.

A look upon remains from our ancient history tells the same. And the new sciences within quantum physics and cosmology defines a new concept of reality where intelligent life in the universe is most likely predominant, appearing in abundance, — a reality where space travel between stars and galaxies has no theoretical barriers.

But the Greatest Story in Human History is still keep a secret by those in power. Could it be that this system of secrecy now has grown to a size where it can no longer be contained? There is a growing notion that the bubble is about to burst, and that we are now in fact living the last days of the old world! The implications of a falling curtain are beyond everything humankind has ever experienced!

Enjoy “This Sir Arthur Award Winner for best Documentary over 60 minutes in 2010”

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  1. These are all credible people except for Mr Steven Greer who tells us all how good these Alien Beings really are but he neglect’s to tell us how bloody evil they are and the true facts are there for everyone to Research how many folks that have gone missing never to be seen again” The Greys seem to be the slaves of much larger and a lot more evil and these poor people or rather Child Bearing Women who have been used as Breeding Machine so to create Half Alien and Half Human High Breed’s” There has been cases were people were all in bits and there was a case were 28 mutilated body’s had been found inside one of the UFO Alien Craft’s that our Army had brought down with powerful Radar Stations that come up from underground around or near Our U.K Military Bases !
    Why are these guys hiding this information if they are all about getting the real truth out to the population of each country” Why does Mr Steven Greer think that its our military who are brainwashing the over 4 millions U.S Citizens in America alone that have been taken and had their Sperm taken from them and the Lady’s have their Eggs taken by these little evil greys” There must be 10’s of millions of innocent people around the world that have been Abducted and then Operated on by these little evil greys” And yet Steven Greer and the rest of these cronies neglect to mention these true bloody facts about what they really want from us” they are making an Army of little human / Alien High Breeds for some reason and I’ll bet my life on it that they want our planet because there’s is poisoned just like their DNA is fucked so they’re using us humans to create this evil high breed race.. Why aren’t his people pointing this truth out to this evil liar of a man = And all his little sheep followers who never mention these True facts when they are talking about Alien Technology’s that he says we want from these evil grey bastards who are eating us and our animals on our earth” These are Demonic Devil’s who want more from us people and he want to have a trade with them for their technology well its already been done by an American President many years ago and he gave these Alien Greys the go ahead to take some cattle and few thousand humans every year” Aliens said yes and they ignored the so called rules and the greys have been taking millions of people including little children” That’s why they have been shooting these UFO things down” and when they look inside of these Downed UFO’s they are finding human body parts stacked up inside some of them” One UFO had about 28 Men / Women / Children inside all in pieces” All their blood had been drained into a tank inside these UFO’s” and they found another glass tank or Container full of the fluids from our Stomach’s and Bowl secretions that humans have to break down our foods” its a delicacy or a drug which they get a high from” Scary fuckers and there are creatures that can move so fast and people who have seen them close up say that they are Very very strong” One U.K Military Special Forces guy said that they could easily rip us people apart and he said that they already have done so on a few occasions when their guys have got to close to them without cover” They look like Spring Heeled Jack and in tight uniforms that look like their skin but its a uniform of sorts” these evil looking Aliens are very tall with huge amounts of strength. and they can move something like 60 yards in the blink of an eye…These big aliens have huge amounts Power / huge strength” So how can we stop these things if they can move that quickly plus they are 10 times stronger than we humans really are” so what chance do we stand against an Alien Race of Beings that can do such things.. That is why when our secret military squad or Alien Special Forces Unit goes after these things they need to set up a Self Targeting Machine Gun or have they got the U.K’s / USA’s New Military Laser Gun or rather Pulse Weapon’s that uses a Self Targeting Technology and can shoot at fast moving targets down range” and machine guns cannot do this but Laser Technology or the new Pulse Beam Weapons can shoot targets that can move at thousands of miles an hour” Why did the U.S President sell out the human race” Maybe there are one or two alien races out there that are good but they need to prove this before we make deal’s with them these being that have their own weirdly evil Agenda’s.. Taking child and never ever bringing them back like what happened to a good hard working Canadian lady who was a Doctor” Aliens took her little girl and she’s never been seen since” the local Cops were outside her home in a car when he saw a huge UFO Beaming up this little girl” this Abduction was seen On his Dash Cam that all Cop Car’s have these days” the Cops were told to tell her that she was a lunatic and they denied that the Cop had seen anything.. That little girl has gone for good and the police took away her little boy after this all happened in her home.. All these Alien / UFO Story’s are not going away” so Our Government’s need to tell us all the bloody truth of what is Really going on and more importantly what do they want with human body parts and our other bodily fluids. WEIRD SHIT Guys Weird Shit..
    God Bless and protect us all from Demonic Devil’s who fly in these Light Ships or UFO’s..
    Wake up to the liars that are in our U.K Government” Our stupid government’s are full of bloody evil scum bag liars..

  2. STEVEN GREER at 55.40 Telling us all more sheepish lies” you all know he’s really a CIA Agent don’t you.. CIA don’t understand people who only tell the Truth because CIA was created on a Lie anyway.. The Evil CIA are by Far the Worst War Mongering Drug Dealing Mass Murderers Terrorist’s along with MI5 / MI6 and Zionist MOSSAD Israeli’s..
    God bless the wicked.

  3. This video was originally an HD video but when it is encoded, it use the wrong wrapper or something and it downgrade and re-encoded back to HD.  So over all, the original video may be an HD but this video is not an HD.  It was transcoded to low definition and then transcode back to HD…

  4. i wanna start fighting them already damn it! im gonna get me one of them alien heads over me fireplace YEE-HAA

  5. the way this was edited makes it difficult to sit through. it could’ve been compressed to half the length of time 

  6. No such things as little green men. People only wish it to be true because real life is so terribly boring.

  7. ive watched about 30 of these documentaries and this is the best so far, its answered a few of my questions such as why does the media hide from this subject and try their best to ridicule it at every turn and i am in awe of those that have stepped up to tell the truth

  8. I’ve seen an UFO in Santa Cruz de la Sierra in Eastern Bolivia, 1968. It was early afternoon, at the main square. I was getting my shoes shined. I just happened to lift up my head and there it was! a round object, floating on the sky. I was really excited and told the boy who was shining my shoe to look up. The boy glazed the object, and in a very calm voice said: “It is a flying saucer” and continued to shine my shoes. To them it was a daily occurrence. My guess was that the aircraft was about 100 feet diameter, grayish-blue and there was not lights or sound. It stayed there for several minutes and then it disappeared. I’ve never forgotten the experience. First time I post this personal event.

  9. My second sighting of something different on the sky was when I was driving from Salt Lake City UT to Los Angeles, CA, December 2003. It was about 8 PM on my way South on Interstate 15 pointing towards Yermo USMC base. I saw a large light, like a fat Albert (USAF C5-B cargo plane) landing lights. I was thinking where would that plane land, possibly at the base (I have never been at such Marine base, but I guessed there should be a runway there) But the light stayed there,, in the same position, and I kept on driving towards it at 75 MPH to L. A. It would have been about 15-20 minutes and the light suddenly sparked like a large single firework and it took off at a speed never seen before by me. I am talking thousands of miles per hour, and it disappeared. I am an educated person, served 23 yrs in the Military Intelligence, Helicopter Pilot, been in 16 countries, etc… It is my personal assessment that we are NOT alone in this vast universe.

  10. Funny how the most ardent skeptics and debunkers dont try to tackle the really good and well documented cases.

  11. please read and comment: it was around 1973 i was a teenager living in south jersey, one night around dusk i heard my grandmother scream outside and we ran out to see what was wrong, well she said a large disc had flown over her head and was dropping what looked like molten metal from it. it scared the hell out of her and she didnt scare easily, so we said grandmas losing it jokingly and we talked about it for awhile and figured that was the end of it. well the next day in the local paper a woman from the next town wrote an editorial about something she saw in the sky the night before and her description was the same as grandmas,then we new she was right and started looking to the sky every night we saw orange balls or discs but they were so high up we could not be sure,after 2 or 3 days the sightings ended. i only wish i had seen the one grandma saw. thanks

  12. Really annoyed at US soldiers taking photographs off UK police. Apart from having no right to (and I bet they felt big with their guns knowing UK police are not armed in these little kind of villages), surely they knew exactly how this kind of footage would disappear in military hands. At least if the local police had kept hold it of, we might now have seen it. Fgs, such a mindless bunch of grunts. This is exactly why the UFO story is easy to cover up and why I have no sympathy with this particular bunch.

  13. My girfriend was taken by the Vorth, they sucked out her brain and put it in a big glass

  14. There is a massive amount of evidence that the whole UFO thing is real. Nobody is arguing that. But there is never going to be any disclosure. The American government has lied too long. How can they now come out and admit the lies?

  15. Excellent…could very easily be the best UFO documentary I have ever seen. Thank you very much.

  16. The most important thing to remember is that if we are being visited by beings from other worlds (and we are) our teachers, theologians and politicians are lying to us!  SO…. Who needs them?

  17. Disclosure is a myth.All these agents like greer, dolan, basset, friedman just want to keep us confused and waiting.

  18. its all comes down to the churches. the religious leaders rule the world. if the truth aboth aliens turns to be true, where to will God be placed in our lives. a lot of question and lies will be uncovered. if aliens are true the concept of God and religion will be questioned by many.

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