The Best Documentary Ever – Real Data About UFOs And Aliens Special 2017

The Best Documentary Ever – Real Data About UFOs And Aliens Special 2017
Real data about UFOs and aliens Special 2017.

Missing Time – Alien Abductions UFO 2017 | The Real 4400 —————————————— about people claiming to have .

Alien Crashes is a by the History Channel ( Exploring the unexplained object that crash landed to earth, followed promptly .

Military Whistleblower Admit’s UFO Deep Sea Sightings – USO HD Education on the controversial subject of USO / UFO’s is fundamental for our .

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  1. …the “HeeBee-JeeBees”…I haven’t heard that since my Mom was alive!-We all know what the feeling is;& the best way to put it is…”the HeeBee -JeeBees”!

  2. NEW REAL DATA. Read on….big reveal at the bottom….!!! DO YOUR RESEARCH PEOPLE. The truth is coming out!

    Why did Freemason P Manly Hall draw an ugly ‘MONARCHY LION’ sketch in 1934 depicting stars and exoplanets in the positions of its EYES and NOSE?
     Why is the TURKISH Nemrut Dagi Lion carving so important?!
    Why is a lion star map depicted on an ancient Turkish coin?!

     Why is there an area of Rome called THE FIELD OF MARS?  Why was ancient Cairo named after the Planet MARS?  Why was there a 1958 Comic Book Cover showing THE FACE ON MARS complete with raised square area on the forehead, 18 years before the first 1976 NASA Viking Probe MARS FACE image was released?

    Why did a 1960 Arthur C Clarke book cover feature THE FACE ON MARS complete with an exoplanet hovering above the forehead area 16 years before the first 1976 NASA Viking Probe MARS FACE image was released?
    What is the famous MARS D&M Pyramid depicting?  The nose of a gigantic LION!

    What else is on MARS apart from the face when one zooms further out and viewing the ESA (EUROPEAN SPACE AGENCY RELEASED 2006 IMAGE)? 
    A GIGANTIC LION COMPLETE WITH TAIL and & PLEIADES STARMAP that is a AA match for the same 40+ repeating starmaps found on EARTH!

    What is the purpose of the LION and FACE on MARS? It depicts a STAR MAP including the 7 Pleiades with the famous FACE representing the mystery exoplanet of our true origins.

    Ask yourself why has the LION character been depicted in so many books (Jungle book, Narnia) etc, stories and films as the super benevolent hero?  Because of the MARS Lion.

    Are there STAR MAPS representing the same thing on earth and if so how many? YES and about 40.

    Do your research folks and then make it go viral!!

  3. What a schmuck at the end. “The Egyptians we’re capable of putting blocks on top of big blocks.” There is so much more to it than that you idiot

  4. Can anyone explain how this spacecraft, allegedly so sofisticated that it is a time machine rather than a spacecraft, actually crashes upon reaching its destination?

  5. That man has nothing to gain by this and I believe him its all the bullshit in between I don’t

  6. Here are the facts:
    1. We are NOT alone. There are many forms of life both greater and lesser in advancement than us. The eternal One, or God, created all of the universe and filled it with life through processes that slowly over time allow it to spread and thrive. The One is worshipped throughout the universe.
    3. Those beings who are more advanced than us have travelled and interfered with or helped humanity throughout all of iour history. Our ancestors both feared and worshipped them.
    4. The Ael’Kayeen, primates like us with bigger heads and taller bodies and child like faces fused two of their own chromosomes to homo erectus man which ultimately became us. They and other aliens experimented a great deal and we were rebooted, meaning most of us killed, several times until they were satisfied. They did this to have a harvestable source for blood products, organs, tissues and immunities to repair their damaged genome they had ruined from scientific tinkering on themselves gone wrong.
    6. The Ael’Naigaje, a reptilian species with feathers and beaks also came here. They tried to sabotage the Kayeen life extension industry here after the Kayeen attacked their home planet using humans as soldiers and nearly wiped them out. When that failed, they tossed comets at this world in Greenland and North America primarily in a surprise attack. Our history in every culture refers to this cataclysmic event as the great flood, but there was also fire, earthquakes, tsunamis, nuclear fallout and ashen skies for a very long time. This was the most recent and worst reboot.
    7. After the war, an agreement was made allowing all aliens with an interest in developing our planet and its population to form a business Consortium with the goal of making profit shared by all. These varied aliens helped us back on our feet and helped clean up the planet. They dominated us in every way and killed us without remorse for their blood and inmunity products.
    8. We developed beyond their direct control, fighting and killing them in the process. In response, they developed technologies to make themselves appear human to infiltrate us and better control us. But cameras and ultraviolet light can see through it so they can still be killed. Reptilians use this tech primarily.
    9. The Kayeen developed “drop tech” to link to us mind to mind to take over and live as one of us for infiltration while their own body is safe and remote. When we die, they link to another. But they can only link to those whose genome they’ve collected from the dead body of an infant family member, which they mostly get from abortions. The Kayeen easily connect and disconnect to us since they are primates. Humans who are detached from them have strokes, dementia and often die when this happens. Unless we find a way to interrupt these connections, they will continue.
    10. They control our world. They drop contagions on it for us to process and develop immunities for them to use. They poison us so we develop cancers for them to use in their life extension industry. They keep us fighting so that the races are separate for easier processing of specific genome types to host their diseases. They also keep us fighting so we don’t unite, compare notes and fight them.
    11. Most of their samples required come from blood collected, our dead bodies, and medical waste. But they also “catch and release” for other samples, and wipe memories, or try to. That is why there are people who talk of alien abductions. They often use self aware synthetics to do this for them we call “the greys”.
    12. They hack and sample everything we make and produce and sell it around the universe. All of our achievements, inventions, cures, music, art, films, books, ideas, products, farming, ranching, fishing also support them. What they dont just steal they pay for with gold which is extremely common in the universe, not valuable at all. It is equivalent to beads we traded to natives for food supplies.
    13. Their space ships are cammoflaged and mostly invisible to us. But sometimes they have an accident or a break down and become visible. This is why there are UFO sightings. They have crews in drop tech on call to handle incidents so evidence is rarely found of their crash sites.
    14. Once here, they mostly stay here. They live underground, inside mountains and underwater for the most part. They can melt rock and form caverns with hidden or cammoflaged entrances. They also live on the sea floor with cammoflage that forms a bubble in cities that can handle the extreme pressures which also generates power.
    15. They have sabotaged or redirected any scientific achievements away from answering the beacon, the wow signal sent by the Assembly of the universe to “chirping worlds” who have developed radio signals that broadcast. Those who answer the beacon in kind are reviewed, judged and offered a place in the advanced community with protection as independent citizens. The Consortium which is majority Kayeen likes the status quo.
    16. Reptilians and insectoids don’t benefit from the blood product, immunities or life extension industries selling things from our bodies like primate species do. They only have profited financially, if at all. So for them, the moral implications hopefully may outweigh financial ones. They could become allies.
    17. Primate species see blood products from our bodies as part of their health care industry they’ve come to rely on for thousands upon thousands of years. They won’t want to lose access to “Humancare”. They also profit financially. So they must weigh our rights against their own life extension and immunities as well as profit.
    18. This is why we are still quarantined. The Kayeen don’t want us becoming aware of our exploitation. Because we have no memory of other planets, we have no idea that ours is so sabotaged with infection. Only “harvest planets” like ours, (we are not the only one) provide living tissues and blood products for them that they now get for free.
    19. They don’t want us getting any ideas about wanting freedom from other species who are empathetic to our plight. Obviously, we already have the ability and technological expertise to build something to answer the beacon. What we don’t have is the proper motivation because they’ve done a good job of hiding the threats from us by hiding themselves.
    20. They are using drop tech while marginalizing, ridiculing, intimidating witnesses, wiping memories, and killing people who know things in order to hang on to their access to us and their profit.
    21. That is why Glycon is a threat. He’s told us the truth through this “experiment” created by the Callibration Society to use reddit to talk to us remotely “through a wall of reeds”, to see if we can handle the truth, or panic and fall apart. They are trying to gauge our intelligence and emotional stability. If this goes bad, they will leave things as they are and not reveal thenselves.
    22. That is why this information is so critical to get out to the rest of the universe for possible allies and conscientious objectors to hear. Glycon got the word out to the universe legally passing through the quarantine. He picked a fight with me in a thread here by portraying the views of the Consortium. I argued quite intensely. Then he provoked a Kayeen regional director to want to argue back to me, which he did. This meant my reply would be legally included and become part of official records accessible to all the advanced beings in the universe. This is the first official human complaint heard since the quarantine was put in place. I had no idea this would happen. Let’s hope my words were effective.
    24. Now we must also tell others about this threat to humanity. We could have longer, healthier lives. We could join the rest of the universe. We could choose our own destinies and root out the negativity in our society that aliens promote in order to keep us divided, so we don’t get in the way of their exploitation efforts. We could be free if we answered the beacon because it will require the Assembly to answer us and verify that we have become advanced beyond animals and primitive beings. Then they will boot out the aliens controlling us and sabotaging us. Spread the word!

  7. So its all Corso’s fault , and the War department. The Technology is designed to proliferate our society our civilization so thoroughly and completely we lose control they gain control all because at the time they believed the technology would have advantages against our Human rivals when in fact we are playing right into the hands of those who wish to manipulate us, so in the future they can exists and in this way maintain control over many worlds not just this one. Giving Humans advanced Technology is like giving a child matches to play with it will only lead to trouble, and possibly our own destruction because we don’t have the maturity or discipline to control it or ourselves ,so we better prey our Alien friends are benevolent, but at this point I’d say the point is mute so they might as well tells us what they know because we can do no worse, and possibly better but that would depend upon our benefactors or our Nemesis what will it be probably a lot of both …..

  8. Corso is full of shit this documentary is very misleading alien spacecraft and alien technology did NOT influence our technology in any way whatsoever it was hard working scientists that developed our tech like lasers and micro chips in computers and they would feel very offended knowing that we just say aliens are responsible for everything just to get a couple views in a documentary….if aliens influenced anything then would be no need for oil and expensive energy sources


  10. I don’t believe that. 1. Why would they have boxes already made especially to the size of the aliens? 2. They would not leave the boxes alone, they would be guarded and locked up securely. 3. Why would they let him write that book. I think he wrote that book for profit. Perhaps even a shill.

  11. Philup Corso: the man who disclosed top secret info, and didn’t get killed for it. .
    Now John Schneider had proof, and ended up paying the piper for talking…

  12. most commenting on here don’t know shit about military protocol. snooping around in high security areas and seeing what your not supposed to can make you disappear at the leas it will ruin your career no matter your job or rank.

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