UFO Sighting 08-15-07

UFO Sighting 08-15-07

Part 1 – CGI
Los Roques UFO Series

14 thoughts on “UFO Sighting 08-15-07

  1. Manbird12000 here: apparently, this video has been posted by someone in Malaysia under the guise that this is an actual sighting, and it has gone viral. This video was admittedly for entertainment purposes only. Sorry to the people of Malaysia.

  2. These effects are actually more believable and realistic than a lot of the garbage that comes out of Hollywood. I’m impressed.

  3. Quem ta vendo agora em 2017!! 🙂

    Estão espalhando que é verdadeiro, mas fez parte desse projeto para um filme independente!! 🙂

  4. Why do all UFO sighting always have shitty footage? If you filmed with a clear camera, maybe it’ll be more believable

  5. Manbird12000 apparently got blocked from his old channel where this great CGI was first put up. Damien White aka Manbird12000 and GreatDarkMB is the artist.

    I remember one of his great dark video’s labeled at UFO in Haiti about 6 years ago.

    His new channel is GreatDarkMB

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