THE MYSTERY BENEATH – Baltic Sea UFO – Documentary

THE MYSTERY BENEATH – Baltic Sea UFO – Documentary
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15 thoughts on “THE MYSTERY BENEATH – Baltic Sea UFO – Documentary

  1. I have a hinch that the anomaly resembles to ‘The STS-75’ teather experiment.
    1. Fox News: how did they information from Sweden? Who is the source?
    2. Navy ship? what it’s doing there at the time of expedition.
    3. Why threatening emails? If this is so called volcanic rocks then it should have been over
    4. Clear skid marks and second anomaly means something has hit the mountain at crushing speed to create that.
    5. Why instruments does not work above the anomaly
    6. Water temp is sub zero above anomaly.

    Any thoughts?

  2. Nice video. I found something interesting in an ocean at the other side of the globe too, looks ancient.

  3. This was probably a monument made by man hundreds of thousands of years ago, or more. Waaayyy back when the baltic sea wasn’t as high as it is now.

  4. Too much talk and nothing at the end…. blah, blah, blah… too much speculation!!! How about someone getting down there and finding out while filming the whole thing and showing it to the world??? Oh, stupid me…. US military probably did!

  5. what happens when a immense heated object plummets into water and soil then sits and cools.. stay strong if it matters when being pushed away push harder push as hard as u can history has always held great men back only to glorify them later rise my friend rise to the challenge

  6. nothing! wate of time. go to the last 5 min of the “doc” or you will lost 50 min of your life….

  7. If I had the money, I would certainly give it to you to continue with your search for answers. I find the mystery quite interesting. And knowing more about our planet only helps us in preserving it.

  8. 57 fucking minutes wasted just to tell me these incompetent divers did NOT get to the bottom of the answer? What a fucking waste of time. Piece of shit documentary. This is useless

  9. The powers that be here on earth know what is there but they don’t want anyone else to know. Please don’t give your dream up because of some losers that don’t have the incentive to go and look for treasure on their own. I really believe you have found something down there and your divers touched it and that is something real not fake or a pile of rocks. All the US news media is owned by the fake Jews of Khazars and they lie about everything that is worth talking about. If I had money I would most certainly help you because this is big or you would not have got threats that you got.

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