Zero Point Classified Anti Gravity Craft UFO Full Documentary By James Allen R I P

Zero Point Classified Anti Gravity Craft UFO Full Documentary By James Allen R I P
How are the governments installing and maintaining all this gigantic equipment in outer space.
This video provides some very important insights into who,what,when,where and how.
The creative director behind this amazing documentary is dead.
He was killed in a very similar fashion as Dr. Robert Harrington who tracked Planet X Nibiru for the US government and met with Zachariah Sitchin instigating his death shortly thereafter.

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  1. Can anyone draw a magnetic resonance imaging diagram? Spend good time on it and professionalism. The govt is not lying when they say they don’t know about this. a a rogue government was created in the fifties and sixties which now, with the power of one of the Armed Forces they are able to continue to keep this Secret. we must Empower our current government to regain control as our founding fathers would of done if they were here now.

  2. Two opposing EMF control lift. A magnetic plasma (mercury?) rotating
    inside a vacuum generates extremely high voltages (EMF) which creates
    the gravitational force.

  3. Definition of “collective ignorance” is best demonstrated by BoobTube videos about fake-aliens, fake govt conspiracies, and the people that swear by them. What a waste of time I can never recover.

  4. Advice for people…if you are developing these crafts and energy sources, keep a personal tight security around you at all times. Grow your own food and have tight surveillance around your property. The minute someone breaches it exercise your 2nd amendment rights. That may mean implementing a no fly zone around your home to prevent drone and bomb strikes. Use that energy to make weapons that will punish all your enemies to submission. Then we will be able to have a free and unique society.

    Ps. Stay public to prevent them wanting to make you at martyr.

  5. I am not a rocket scientist but I can take one look at that picture and tell you there is no technology in that piece of crap the could propel anything at the speed of light.

  6. The artist speaking here does not understand standard helechopter rotor system flight control

  7. “Woopsi! I stumbled on three, well-worn flying saucers at an air show behind door number 2!” If these things were being showcased for top level cleared brass then ya’d think they would have tidied up a bit and slapped an extra coat of paint on the damned things. No?

  8. Shit. Wanna be film maker pasting together the same stupid shit as everyone else. YOU ARE NOT A FILM MAKER! Your a Cuck!

  9. Why is this published? It serves nothing and no one. Zero point energy? It is called life! Live it and feel it. This only spreads discontent.

  10. Is this the technology that the Americans “confiscated” from the Germans in WW2 along with all the gold that is unaccounted for?

  11. I ask you to go look at 2 YT videos please:  “PROOF GOD DOESN’T EXIST irrefutable” and “Find Out Why THE GOVERNMENT WANTS ME DEAD!!!”.  These are both my videos! What do u think?  The ARV and EXACTLY HOW it WORKS is explained in detail in the WEBSITE associated with that 2nd video.  !!

  12. they cannot show this techhnology why because then the government would have to admit that real Aliens exist ,, and they have covered it up big time ,

  13. There is no such thing as “Space Time”. All there is is time, and space. Good luck with anything else.

  14. Apparently, the Hidden Space Program, has taken $50 trillion, from the US Military Budget since the Second World War. This is the amount auditors have brought too light, as unaccounted for. Their has been no oversight; no reporting to Congressional / Senate Committees. Much of the reversed engineering has been down by Aero – Space Companies which do not have to report their spending or research to the US Government. The US Navy would drop off packets of technical information to Aero – Space Companies. This information was gathered by The Navy from crashed UFOs and information passed onto The Navy by Alien’s themselves, surviver’s of the crashed UFOs. This is the ” Trojan Horse ” ( This was the actual wording, in one of the messenges within one of ” The Crop Circles “created in grain fields in Great Britain.) being passed onto the Human Civilization on Earth; we have been warned through ” Crop Circles “. The ” Crop Circles ” are informing Humanity of the dangers of working with certain Aliens; which have their own agenda. This information has been gleaned from ” crop circles ” which have been using a binary code; as decoded by a highly educated researcher from California. This individual was giving a lecture to a group of individuals in Australia who have a deep interest in ” crop circles phenomenon “and the ” UFO phenomenon “. Also, the actions of certain Alien Groups are illegal, breaking the Law of Non – Intervention of Developing Intelligent Life Forms/Civilizations through – out the Universe. The Alien ” abduction of humans ” to retrieve genetic material to grow cross breed human/alien beings has also been outlawed by a Galactic Convention and policed by this ” Intergalactic League of Highly Developed Civilizations “. Apparently they patrol the know Universe in very large Globe vessels. They are much more sophisticated than the Aliens now on Earth an based on the back side of the Earth’s Moon. The inside of the Moon is a very large Moon Base; which may mean the Moon is an ” Artificial Structure “. The surface structures on the Moon’s surface, which are on the reverse side of the Moon, may be separate structures, of different Alien People.
    The physics that allow these Spheres to travel or even exist, is based on the actual real state of ” Physics of the Universe “. Our understanding of physics does work out in the Universe. The science/physics used by Space Ferrying People is different than are understanding of ” Physics “. Our understanding of Physics does not exist in the Real Space Societies.

  15. wtf, .. CGI again’???? come on, . . . please make a more realistic CGI’!!!!!!

  16. Designers, artists and random people that knew the witnesses. Wow not sure what to do with all of this “information”. A few dozen pen strokes sold as blueprints that work via “special configurations and what have ya…” and this is the DECLASSIFIED stuff. Ok then. I’m so convinced by the best use of weight on any aircraft is a full sized thick steel bulkhead door with mechanical locks used on vault doors in the 1900s instead of a hatch that would weigh maybe 10% of the one so proudly portrayed. Of course if weight is not an issue at all not sure why they would dick around with a small craft at all. Ok before I induce a hemorrhage in some of the experts in the comment section I’ll stop.

  17. I’m not that James Allen. But, I am former top secret AirForce tech. Any plane is an anti-gravity machine if you think about it a second and stop trying to sensationalize something beyond any common sense. On the other hand, I’m pretty sure that ‘super conductivity’ provides a way to float between electromagnetic waves. Thus also providing a sort of anti-gravity. I’m not sticking around to watch the whole vid here though, so I don’t know the propulsion of this thing… Oh yea (speculation) high speed 90-degree turns are evidence of Time travel. I’m considering these things as humans from the future or simply interdimensional appearances of fallen angels.

  18. Where the h…eck is all the truth these days anyway? It’s been squeezed out of the debate. With lies and subterfuge, our president took office. The lies are called ‘Marketing” at this point. On the democratic side, they claim that since the other (political) side lies, so must they. Then, there are the lies told to retain power. Like these in this video. Satan is the prince of the powers of the air. and the father of all lies, and the god of this world. Read yer Bible y’all. In a sea of lies and deception, we Do have a lifeline… The Blood of Jesus, The Word of God (His written message to us and the lived out Word/Jesus-Yeshua), and His Holy Spirit our helper.

  19. They should shot that van Allen before he fucked about with that Belt, no serious, why does this Guiser who has it all, lies one up and risks his Life ?? I cant sense Lie indifferent too Bush !!! ( And i am good at it !!!! )

  20. weird – 1980’s style glasses, star drive, less mass at the approach to light speed. oh boy

  21. you commenters don’t realise this is a coneit upload,a satirical intentional nonsense play you for fun upload??? its so obvious

  22. At minute 5:00 = the Haunebu = also called Nazi Bell, built in Germany in the 40ties of 20th century- After world war II over 1’700 scientists from the Nazis were overtaken by the USA and worked then for the US Space Program, the CIA etc.
    With greetings from Germany

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