The UFO Invasion – UFO Documentary Part 1 Of 3

The UFO Invasion – UFO Documentary Part 1 Of 3
Full length UFO documentary. Runtime about 40 minutes. Will a UFO invasion take place on earth in near future?

15 thoughts on “The UFO Invasion – UFO Documentary Part 1 Of 3

  1. all igot 2 say and what ithink all this is fake like really the illumainti and the goverment are the ones really causing all this like its true cuz when the reall ufo invasion cme the goverment is going 2 be in one thats what ibelieve idk so dont be correcting me ppl are diffrent

  2. i wonder what they taste like ,,fuck it we eat every other life form i say we catch then and stick em all on a bbq

  3. well guys, some filmed balloons with some ‘lord of the rings music’ don’t convince to me.. i do believe in extra terestal life, but not in alien spaceship visitors, coz so far, i only see hoaxes… and one time i had ‘ufo’ experience 2, and at the moment it was really freaky feeling, but the day after, it came to light that it was a flair, shot from a boat 🙂

  4. the triangle craft is called the tr-3 b it is a top secret craft created with et tech.

  5. Это много парашутистов я был одним из них.

  6. Well i think that there are other beings out there, but doubt they would be her and be so human like.

  7. They talk like a UFO is a description of something that is known,its just lights and untill they take a risk and talk is all there ever going to be.But imagine your going to think deeply and talk to the ants and wonder if there dangerous,these ETs that travel Intersteller have some serious tech available and i think they keep clear and say to eachother”Land there are you insane!have you seen what they can do to each other,no fuck that shit”you follow me…

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